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Sept. 2023

ALLIES – Learning, Training and Teaching Activity C2

Participants from partner organizations engaged in the "Digital Methodologies for Teaching and Assessment" activity in Huelva, Spain. Hosted by the Seabery group's Augmented Training Services division, the 3-day event aimed to enhance digital pedagogy skills for implementing a postgraduate program within the ALLIES project.

During the activity, discussions focused on transitioning to digital education, improving teaching through digital tools, and fostering students' learning experiences. The main objectives were to cover digital teaching tools, creating effective digital environments, and introducing new teaching and assessment methods. Presentations by project partners and hands-on experiences facilitated knowledge sharing.

Overall, the activity helped participants expand their professional skills and harmonize teaching, learning, and assessment processes for the implementation of digital tools in curricula, benefiting education and training institutes interested in the postgraduate program for steel structure integrity.

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