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Apr. 2023

ALLIES – Transnational Project Meeting #4

The meeting brought together representatives from various organizations including BME, UCV, EWF, Seabery, IIS, and POLIBA. It was conducted as part of the ongoing transnational project and aimed to facilitate collaboration, communication, and progress evaluation among the project partners.

The event took place over two days and was held in Bari, Italy. The dates were June 26th and 27th, 2023. This meeting provided an opportunity for participants to discuss and address several key topics crucial to the advancement of the project. The agenda covered a range of significant subjects. Firstly, the focus was on dissemination efforts led by EWF. This involved sharing strategies and tactics to effectively communicate the project's goals, outcomes, and progress to a wider audience. The aim of these discussions was to ensure that the project's impact reaches its intended audience and stakeholders.

Another important point of discussion was centered around quality assurance, with a particular emphasis on EWF's role in maintaining and enhancing the project's quality standards. This involved examining the various aspects of the project's execution and making sure that they align with the established benchmarks for success. Through these discussions, the partners sought to refine their approach to quality management and collectively address any challenges that might arise.

A pivotal aspect of the meeting was a presentation on the project's financial situation, delivered by the project coordinator. This presentation provided an overview of the financial resources allocated, expenditures made, and the overall financial health of the project. Such insights are essential for all partners to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective resource allocation throughout the project's lifecycle.

Throughout the meeting, participants engaged in active dialogue, sharing insights, ideas, and experiences related to the various topics. These discussions not only facilitated the exchange of knowledge but also helped in aligning everyone's efforts towards the common project objectives.

In summary, the TPM4 gathering in Bari served as a platform for collaboration and progress evaluation. Through discussions on dissemination, quality assurance, and project finances, the participating organizations aimed to strengthen their collective efforts, ensuring the project's successful execution and impactful outcomes.

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