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Nov. 2023

ALLIES – Progress of the project results (PR3 & PR5)

Progress of PR3: (Ongoing until December 2023)
Elaboration of New Steel Structures Integrity Curricula Based on Competences Units

Aiming in the direction of the harmonization of education in Higher Education institutions across Europe, PR3 is being developed based on learning outcomes and a modular approach towards increasing the flexibility of education pathways. Also, it includes blended learning aiming to reduce the dependency on contact/physical sessions

Therefore, its expected impact occurs by the exploitation of this result by its targets, namely professionals and postgraduates, staff from partner organisations and HE institutions. Hence, increasing their opportunities to upskill and reskill themselves. By increasing the engagement and opportunities for lifelong learning, using this harmonized curriculum recognized at European level and the use of micro-credentials.

This innovative curriculum is composed by both theoretical and practical components for providing digital competences for working with digital tools in the field of steel structures integrity.

Progress of PR5: (Ongoing until January 2024)
Transnational Plan for Deployment the Postgraduate Programme Study in HE Community

In this project result, the methodologies being developed within the project will be introduced to the target groups, including teachers in higher education and industrial partners. The developed new teaching methodologies, competence units, and digital study cases (PR2, PR3, PR4) will be both available in national and transnational levels, aiming towards a European harmonized methodology for implementation.

Plans are being developed to further train and help the teachers in postgraduate programmes to use the digital education toolbox. The harmonized implementation plans also include teachers training how to use digital education tools and VR/AR technologies in postgraduate civil engineering education. Through the use of PR5 the teachers’ competences in the usage and introduction of digital educational tools will be increased. Therefore, increasing their professional and transnational competences.

With the introduction of digital educational tools, the quality level and the accessibility of the online postgraduate civil engineering courses will be increased. Hence, the teachers learnt how to use the digital toolboxes will be able to take advantage of these new competences in any of the online courses being held in higher educational institutes.