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Mar. 2022

ALLIES – Kick of Meeting

IST: Inês Ascenso Pires & Bárbara Perry Gouveia
UCV: Marius Cătălin Criveanu & Sorin Savu
EWF: Susana Nogueira
BME: Dorina Kovács & Bálazs Varbai
IIS: Michelangelo Mortello
PoliBari: Giuseppe Casalino
ATS: Marta Toronjo Leandres & María Toscano Alonso

The one day Kick of Meeting, was hosted online by Craiova University, on the 21st of March 2022, where ALLIES partners gathered to meet each other in an online environment and to discuss the steps to be taken towards the development of the different project results, which are the following:

  • PR1 Teachers needs and perception analysis on digital training
  • PR2 New methodologies for teaching using digital tools
  • Elaboration of new steel structures integrity curricula based on competences units digital learning materials and real-life study cases
  • Transnational plan for deployment the postgraduate programme study in the community
Find more about ALLIES performed activities in the project social media: Facebook , LinkedIn .